Our History

Our Vision:

Fanelli Boys Inc. strives to be the technology company people trust for sales, repairs, supplies, accessories, and service. 

Our Mission:

Fanelli Boys Inc. will identify new opportunities to expand its products and services by responding to customers' needs and desires. Fanelli Boys Inc. strives to be the industry leader in customer service, marketing and employee development. Fanelli Boys Inc. will maximize value for customers, employees and shareholders through continuous profitability, growth and innovation. 

Core Value:

Offer quality products at competitive pricing with effective, efficient, and timely service.

Our Story:

John and Diana, in the basement of their Washington, West Virginia home in February 1990 started Fanelli Boys & Associates. Between 1991 and 1993, John and Diana remanufactured toner cartridges and re-inked ribbons in the evening and through many-a-night, while selling and delivering the recycled office products during the day. Eventually, FBA added one salesperson and one part-time remanufacturing technician. In July 1993, Fanelli Boys & Associates secured a modest rental house in Parkersburg, WV for approximately 3 months before FBA purchased an office building at 1818 7th Street in Parkersburg which became our home for 10 years. During this period Fanelli Boys & Associates incorporated and became Fanelli Boys Inc. (FBI). 

Our team had always been good at listening to customer demand. When suppling customers with printing supplies, we were often asked "do you fix printers" our response was we can certainly try, and try we did! Servicing printers and copiers lead to computers and networking. And in the early 2000's we became a full on office supply dealer, selling over 35,000 everyday office supplies. 

When the demand for cell phone and tablet repair became an industry around 2009, we sourced the know how, tools and parts and took on a new business venture!

Gadget repair is now a huge part of our business. In 2016 we opened our 8th location with plans to open more in coming years. To date we have fixed over 150,000 gadgets in our retail stores. 

While many things have changed since 1990, our commitments have always been the same…to provide the best “Customer Service Experience” in everything we do.